Cryptocurrency mining with no equipment costs

What is so unique about Germes robot?

  • - Automated capacity rent
  • - Block chain analysis for the best possibility of finding blocks
  • - Quick response to capacity market changes
  • - Automated capacity price regulation
  • - Hashrate maintenance on a given level
  • - Flexible set-up
  • - Opportunity to choose period of mining
  • - Minimum requirements to your device
  • - Savings on capacity rent
  • - Unique algorithm of closing the order for capacity payments
  • - It doesn’t require your permanent presence
  • - Time saved
Know-how” of Germes robot

Uncontrollable and random mining process is now clear with the unique Germes mining algorithm. Robot calculates a probabilistic time when the block is near the certain coin and signals for buying capacity of the pool. We come up thus with the most effective rent time avoiding “empty” hours of block’s searching.


Germes-mining makes cloud mining more profitable.

The main problem of cloud mining is inefficiency of rented capacity because most of the time it is wasted.

Our robot Germes-mining can provide you with a calculation of trade probability so you make the most of your investment.

The algorithm computes the right time for entering(renting capacities) the market. And while it’s on you are gaining your profit but as the probability of getting blocks drops robot automatically quits the system.

The whole process is automated and robot set-up doesn’t take much time. You choose a coin, set parameters you want and then robot makes calculations based on your data.


You can enter the crypto market with us even you don’t have any experience

If you still have little experience, our specialists will show you how to withdraw mined coins, convert them into your own currency (another cryptocurrency or fiat currency familiar to you: Dollars, Rubles, Euro, etc.) and transfer in your wallet.

Order and install our Germes robot for a few minutes, and it will get to work.

There’s no need in doing research or reading charts with making calculations. The robot will do everything itself!

Just watch your profit grow!


  • Choosing a coin for mining.

  • The robot calculates the time at which the greatest probability of block production in the network occurs.

  • Once the highest probability of calculating a block is found, the command is given.

  • Robot buys power for rent at, matching the amounts that you set. The transaction is selected at the most favorable price on the service, but within the limits specified by you

  • Control of leased power and maintenance in working order so as not to “knock out”

  • Control over the level of probability of finding new blocks

  • Exit from the transaction occurs, because when the rent is paid, while there are no blocks are unfavorable conditions

  • New cycle

The process of building
full version of the robot

Implemented for 2018

  • Development of algorithmic

  • Testing algorithmic solutions on capacity leasing services

  • Terminal
    concept development
    for algorithmic

  • Forming
    a team of developers

  • Terminal

  • The first working prototype

  • Launch of Margin robot and market maker

  • Emergency position
    closing bot

  • Rebalanced

  • Order execution

  • Robot

  • Release of the robot

  • Demo version
    of robots

  • Full version
    of the robot

How to get a robot and start working with it

Order the robot GERMES

Activate your account

Learn how to work on the robot using our instructions

Watch your income grow.